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Pro Bono Week: Why Pro Bono?

As part of Pro Bono Week some of our members have shared what pro bono means for them:

Osborne Clarke Senior Associate Leanne Hooper has been helping FareShare South West with their property interests and securing warehousing space from which they can operate their food distribution functions:

"My practice is generally focused on clients who are involved in the property industry on a day to day basis and are familiar with the concepts and issues that arise. Working with the team at FareShare South West to deal effectively with their property needs, has required me to develop different communication skills, for a client for whom property supports the fantastic work that they do"

Ali Cloak, Senior Associate at Royds Withy King, represents bereaved families in inquests to investigate the circumstances of their loved one’s death.

“An inquest can be very daunting for a grieving family, particularly where other parties have the benefit of specialist legal expertise. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to support families through the process when they would otherwise have to face it alone and to help them get answers about their loved one’s death“

Sarah Phillimore, Family Barrister at St Johns Chambers contributes to the Bristol Family Law Advice Scheme, giving free initial advice for people involved in a family court case involving care of children. The service is currently operating remotely on alternate Thursdays with the continued assistance of Support Through Court.

“We would love for more people to join us. If any local barristers or solicitors want to join the rota, please contact me”

Marcus Coates-Walker, Barrister at St John’s Chambers, represents families at inquests in the Coroners Courts

“When families lose a loved one in unnatural circumstances, Coroners will commence an inquest into their death. Often families are faced with the daunting task of having to understand and engage in an unfamiliar legal process alone, whilst state institutions are represented by publicly funded legal teams. To be able to help a family navigate this process and obtain the answers to their questions at Court is a rewarding experience which can often start them on the road to closure.”

If you want to find out more about Pro Bono in Bristol, and understand how our members are working together to increase engagement in pro bono projects in the South-West, please feel free to join us on 5 November when we will be celebrating Pro Bono in Bristol.

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